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Welcome to The Professional Photographers of Cape Cod, the Cape's largest organization of experienced Cape Cod professional photographers and videographers specializing in all areas of photography including portrait and wedding photography as well as videography.

PPOCC's primary function is to promote the continual education of its members. This, coupled with a code of ethics, helps to ensure that clients will have a rewarding and satisfying experience with the professional of their choice.

The goal of the Professional Photographers of Cape Cod is to help clients seeking qualified professionals while also providing a means for PPOCC members to pursue their professional growth by providing the best training available.  
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Membership shall be extended to any individual/studio who is engaged in the business of professional image making. Dues to be an Associate PPOCC Member is $70.This includes one additional employee/staff/spouse/partner from your studio. Additional persons from the same studio may join for $25 each.includes all general meetings, winter workshops and educational programs**additional fees may apply for certain speaker programs/seminars, safari trips, clam bakes, and holiday parties..For questions concerning membership please contact Hilary Wood 508-746-2212 or email mail@hilarywoodphotography.com.

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Membership Requirements

All members as a prerequisite for their membership in the Corporation shall agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Corporation and shall execute a written acknowledgment thereto.

A member must attend a minimum of 3 events per year in order to stay a member in good standing.

Any member that resides full time* on cape cod wishing to take advantage of the marketing opportunities of our public website must be a member for at least one full year and have attended at least 3 events during the year they wish to be on the public website.

They must also hold a valid sales tax number from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and pay any additional access fees.

Non-marketing members can enjoy the educational benefits and personal relationships of all members.

(*your primary business and residence address(es) are indeed 'on' Cape)
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Includes General Meetings
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Educational Programs
Many Social Gatherings
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Inclusion on the referral page requires a minimum of one year membership and attendance of 3 meetings per year to maintain status on the page.
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Code of Ethics

“ I, as a requirement for admission to and retention of membership and participation in Professional Photographers Association of Cape Cod, agree to strive at all times to upgrade and improve my knowledge and skill of professional photography, marketing and related areas. In all my dealings with users of photography and general public, I will:

• Strive to present all photographic services in surroundings and in a manner which reflects the highest levels of professionalism.

• Deal with all users of photography and the general public with honesty and integrity.

• Not use any marketing or competitive practice which violates any Federal Trade Commission, or other Federal or State regulatory agency rule or regulation, or Federal or State statute or any decision of any Federal or State Court; and

• Strive at all times to produce photography and photographic services in accordance with the highest levels of professionalism.

• In all dealings with fellow professional photographers, I shall share the knowledge and skill of professional photography.

• Support efforts for and assist in the education of all interested persons and the general public in the art and science of professional photography.”
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Many of our fine member studios can help you with your photographic needs. If you have some questions, concerns, or information that require the attention of our board of directors, feel free to contact us.


Lee Geishecker
VagabondView Photography
Falmouth, MA



Cynthia Hovda
Cynthia Hovda Photography
East Sandwich, MA



Hilary Wood
Hilary Wood Photography
Lakeville, MA



Michael Petrizzo
Fine Art Productions
Falmouth, MA


Web Design

Mark O'Connell
Headshots by Mark O'Connell
Pembroke, MA



Amy Rader
Amy Rader Photo
Falmouth, MA